Are your workdays long? Do you have a high-energy dog or one with separation anxiety? After a day with us, your dog will return home happy, well-exercised, and relaxed!

You drop off an anxious, bouncing, and rambunctious canine, and by the end of the day, you'll pick up a happy, mellowed-out version of the dog you left with us.

We treat your dog like family and ensure the fun never stops!
(Reservations not required for day camp. You can drop off your dog anytime during our regular business hours.)

What’s on the agenda at Day Camp?

At Happy Tails, we provide a safe, active, and enjoyable environment while promoting good manners and social skills. Dogs participate in supervised play, benefiting from both canine and human interaction and exercise. Your furry friend is treated like one of our own and enjoys ramps, tunnels, mini trampolines, bacon bubbles, frisbee toss, a 50 tennis ball drop, and an array of toys. They can also kick back and watch Dog TV on cots, beds, and couches.



We’re delighted to offer mid-day lunch or dinner for your dog. You’re welcome to bring their own food from home, and we’ll happily feed them without any additional charge.

Each day our daycare staff writes a report card letting you know how your dog’s day went.

Additionally, our daycare staff provides a daily report card, detailing how your dog’s day unfolded. Your pet’s well-being is our priority at Happy Tails.

Facility Layout: 

Our daycare program is thoughtfully organized into two groups based on size and play preferences. The small dog playroom is a haven for dogs weighing 8 lbs to 35 lbs, as well as seniors and gentle, reserved dogs. For larger dogs over 35 lbs or those with a more spirited play style, our big dog playroom provides an ideal environment.

 Facility Features: 

Our facility is meticulously designed for comfort and safety. It is equipped with climate control to ensure a comfortable temperature year-round. Fresh air ventilation circulates through the dog play areas, enhancing air quality. To further enhance air purity, we utilize HEPA air filtration systems. Our surfaces are water impervious and undergo daily sanitation.


Situated just minutes from highway 93, Happy Tails is purposefully tailored to align with our clients’ bustling lives. Our dog daycare provides extended activity hours compared to brief walks from mid-day dog walking services. Our swift drop-off and pick-up process ensures you won’t waste precious time waiting.

Your dog’s day is filled with interactions with fellow dogs and humans. Within our expansive 15,000 sq. foot climate-controlled facility, your furry friend enjoys the freedom to run, jump, chase their pals, and engage in spirited games of tug-of-war. You drop off an excited and lively canine in the morning, and when you return at day’s end, you’re greeted by a content and mellowed-out version of your furry companion. Both of you head home, ready to unwind after a fulfilling day.

Advantages of Dog Day Camp:  

Socialization with both dogs and humans is crucial for dogs to develop confidence and a balanced temperament. Dog daycare proves invaluable for busy dog owners with active pets that require extra attention. It’s also a lifeline for new puppy owners or those with recently adopted rescue dogs, offering companionship in your absence. If challenges like potty training or separation anxiety arise, you can head to work without concerns about barking or accidents, focusing on training at your convenience. Our flexibility often accommodates last-minute daycare and boarding needs, supporting spontaneous travel plans or extended workdays. Experts unanimously concur that dog daycare fosters a harmonious and joyful canine companion.