New Clients & Forms

Enrollment Process

At Happy Tails, the health and safety of the dogs is our top priority. We want to make sure your dogs daycare stay is pleasant for all, All dogs are carefully screened to ensure that they meet the following health and personality requirements: dogs cannot show any aggressive tendencies.
Proof of the current vaccines are required prior to bringing your dog into our facility
2) Distemper
3) Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
4) Puppies are Welcome with proof up to date shots
All dogs over eight months must be neutered/ spayed.
Our new client enrollment process is designed to maintain a safe and healthy play environment for the dogs in our care. All new clients must fill out our online Enrollment questionnaire to give us all of the relevant information about your dog.
Once you have completed the enrollment form, call us to schedule the evaluation day of day camp. This is a day of day camp, at the normal full-day fee for daycare, where we observe your dog and determine if Happy Tails  will be a good fit for him or her. You will receive a report card at the end of the day letting you know if your dog is eligible to continue coming to Happy Tails  for daycare and overnight boarding. At this point, you may drop in for daycare anytime during regular hours or begin making boarding reservations. Your dog will continue receiving report cards during daycare. We will notify you of any troubling behaviors as part of an ongoing evaluation for all dogs in our care.
Most dogs pass our evaluation day of daycare, however some do not. We have a genuine love for dogs, however not all dogs are happy in or appropriate for dog day camp. We want to be sure your dog’s daycare stay is pleasant for all.

Your first day at HappyTails

Upon arrival, we will present you with a daycare/boarding agreement and liability waiver for signature, verify vaccinations, and allow you a few minutes to see the day camp.

Feel free to call us during the day to check in, however, if you don’t hear from us, then everything is likely going well. It may take several hours for your dog’s true personality to shine through to us, so we ask that we get at least a half day to spend with him or her.
At pickup time, we will present you with your dog’s report card and answer any questions. You may choose to pay day-by-day, or purchase a daycare package to save money on the daily cost of daycare. After your first day, pickups and drop-offs will typically be quicker, especially for clients with prepaid daycare packages.


Happy Tails Policies:

By choosing to employ the services at Happy Tails INC, I agree to the following policies and items listed in the Waiver and Agreement section below.

All dogs attending daycare must have a snap or buckle type collar with an identification tag with the dog’s first and last name and phone number or address of the owner. All dogs must be leashed, no retractable leashes, must be leashed when entering and exiting Happy Tails INC. Pinch and choke type collars, car safety gear, sweaters, clothing, and decorative hair ornaments, electronic tracking devices, flea/tick collars, lights, bandanas, etc, must be removed when presenting your dog for daycare.

Dogs attending daycare must have current Rabies and Distemper combo (DHPP) and Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccination records with a completed, signed Happy Tails service request form and waiver on file. Bordetella vaccination proof must be provided for any dog boarding at Happy Tails INC.

Dogs must be in good health. Dogs must be free of all internal and external parasites. Any dog exhibiting any sign of illness will be promptly quarantined and sent home. Dogs who have recovered from a communicable illness will require written consent from their veterinarian before they will be allowed to return to Happy Tails.

Happy Tails will not allow personal toys, blankets or beds from home to accompany your dog during daycare.

Due to the communal nature of our playgroups, Happy Tails daycare will not allow any known or suspected aggressive dog to attend daycare. It is the owner’s responsibility to disclose any aggressive or threatening behavior exhibited by their dog toward any person or dog.

Dogs over eight months of age attending daycare must be spayed or neutered.

Waiver and Agreement:

I agree with all of the terms listed herein.

I agree to pay for all charges incurred by my dog while my dog is attending Happy Tails, and daycare late fees.

Dog owner acknowledges the risks involved in communal daycare. Happy Tails will always offer reasonable care, however, given the unpredictable nature and personality of dogs some unexpected injury may occur.

I authorize Happy Tails INC to obtain the vaccination records for your dog from his/her veterinarian.

In the event my dog appears ill or injured to the Happy Tails INC staff, I authorize Happy Tails INCstaff to engage the services of the veterinarian of Happy Tails choosing if my dog’s veterinarian cannot be reached or in the event my dog needs more immediate attention than his or her own veterinarian can provide. I agree to pay for all medical services incurred by my dog while in the care of Happy Tails INC. Happy Tails INC has my permission to use any credit card information I have on file with Happy Tails INC in the event that I am unable to be reached by Happy Tails INC. I release Happy Tails INC from any medical expenses for the care of my do.

I release Happy Tails INC, its employees, volunteers from any and all manner of damagers, claims, liabilities, losses, costs, expenses, cause of action or lawsuits, attorney’s fees, court costs and related costs arising out of or related to the services provided by Happy Tails INC except which costs may arise from gross neglect, negligence or willful misconduct by Happy Tails INC.

I will not hold Happy Tails INC, it’s employees or volunteers liable for loss of my dog due to fire, theft, death, elopement, injury, or illness and hold Happy Tails INC harmless from any claims for any losses unless due to gross negligence by Happy Tails INC.

I affirm I am the legal owner of my dog and, to my knowledge, my dog has not been exposed to any communicable disease including but not limited to parvo, rabies, distemper, mange, ringworm in the last 30 days. My dog has been inoculated as documented on his or her vaccination records.

I guarantee all information collected is true and no information including illness, communicable disease, health diagnosis, human or dog aggression or history of biting has been withheld in an attempt to enroll your dog into daycare.

I have read this waiver and agreement to its entirety. I agree and accept all rules, policies, requirements and conditions of this agreement and as owner of this dog I have the express right to enlist services by Happy Tails INC.