Free Day Camp Included With Boarding

Happy Tails all inclusive premier boarding is the only overnight free range Pawjama Party.
(Crates and private luxury suites are available if preferred For the dog that likes his privacy and extra space to stretch, or stay together with their sibling)

Planning a vacation soon?

Your dog will have its own vacation while boarding at Happy Tails!

We have designed our facility to emulate a home environment. Your best friend will feel like it’s at a friend’s house for the duration of its stay whether it’s for just a day or even a whole week! At Happy Tails, we don’t ever use cages, day or night. We utilize play areas where your dog can run free and romp with friends. During the day, all boarding dogs can play with their regular daycare friends. In the evening, we bring out comfy bedding and everyone sleeps slumber-party style with our night staff. Our home-like environment where our overnight staff sleeps, snuggles and stays with the dogs the entire night, is what makes Happy Tails the best choice to make your pet feel loved and cared for while you’re away. Our guests are never left unattended and are free to cozy up on a couch, bed or cot to watch Dog TV.

In boarding, we don’t charge for play time happy tails is really like a resort vacation for dogs, they are never locked in cages we are a loving staff that our goal is to socialize your dog to build confidence in your dog like no other place, your dog has free roam in a Pawjama like setting at night time it’s movie time and dogs have free roam with dog beds and couches throughout the facility and our goal is when you pick up your dog you will have a happy more social and confident companion.

Our philosophy is that cage free boarding means stress free boarding. We don’t believe in throwing your beloved companion into a cage, while pretending that it’s a luxury cabin. We give our guests the love and attention they need in a cage free and comforting environment.

Avoid Kennel Stress Facilities

Most All Dog Daycares abandon their facility at boarding time and your dog is left stressed, scared, alone, and left in their own waste throughout the long night.
Dogs become stressed when caged, especially if their owners don’t regularly cage them.
When a dog is accustomed to being free to walk around the house, confinement to a cage can make them feel anxious and alone, especially when they are away from home. Dogs have a natural desire to investigate their surroundings and their natural instincts compel them to seek out physical closeness and social interaction with people and pets in the area. Cages don’t allow them the freedom to indulge in their natural instincts and desires. This causes “Kennel Stress” that leads to
hours of long barking and become a real problem for all the dogs who are visiting. Dogs are social animals and barking is part of their nature, but when it becomes a constant and disruptive part of their environment the strain on their health becomes very real. Barking can signal a threat or a cry for help and when kenneled dogs can hear it all around them, therefore they themselves become stressed and other dogs will join in the barking,
this can go on all night even barking themselves hoarse.
Excessive barking becomes problematic leading to a lack of sleep for other guests as well as creating a stressful environment.
But at happy tails we get it!
Just having that human presence calms them down and the Pawjama Party begins.
Seven days a week, and 365 days a year…even holidays.

Happy Tails PAWJAMA Party

We believe in giving your dog a fun filled experience, where it will be allowed to roam in a safe, cage-free environment while being socialized with other dogs.

Boarding with Happy Tails will be a slumber party for your dog with all of its closest friends. Our pups play all day and then snore the night away. With us, your dog will enjoy your vacation as much as you do (maybe even more!)

No other boarding facility will give your dog all of the comforts of home and more!

Happy Tails boarding service is an extension of our off-leash daycare. After a busy day of activities, a private meal, and an evening romp around the yard, our canine guests roam throughout and settle down together on comfy beds, couches, and even with blankets. Most importantly your dog is kept safe and supervised at all times, day and night.

We also have a private VIP room, at no additional charge, if you or your pup prefers a more private setting.

We are truly crate free, but we do have crates that can be used at your request.

Rest assured your dog will be safe, loved and treated like it’s our own.

All of our overnight dog boarding rates include doggy daycare at no additional cost to you.

When you return to pick up your happy pet, you’ll receive a report card highlighting all of the fun that your fur baby had during its stay.