The first day of day camp is complimentary, and all boarding arrangements must be made through reservations.

Happy Tails all inclusive premier boarding is the only overnight free range Pawjama Party.
(Crates and private luxury suites are available if preferred For the dog that likes his privacy and extra space to stretch, or stay together with their sibling)

Planning a vacation soon?

Your dog will have its own vacation while boarding at Happy Tails!

We’ve meticulously designed our facility to provide a home-like environment for your furry friend. Your loyal companion will feel as if they’re staying at a friend’s house, whether it’s just for a day or an entire week. Here at Happy Tails, the use of cages is unheard of – day or night. Instead, we’ve created spacious play areas where your dog can frolic and play freely with their buddies. During the daytime, our boarding dogs enjoy playtime with their regular daycare pals. As evening approaches, we bring out cozy bedding, and everyone enjoys a slumber-party-style experience with our night staff. Our comforting environment, where our overnight team sleeps, snuggles, and remains with the dogs throughout the night, is what makes Happy Tails the ultimate choice for ensuring your pet feels cherished and cared for during your absence. You can be at ease knowing our guests are always supervised, and they’re welcome to lounge on couches, beds, or cots while enjoying Dog TV.

At Happy Tails, playtime during boarding isn’t an extra charge; it’s an integral part of our service. Our aim is to provide an experience akin to a resort vacation for dogs. Cages are nonexistent; instead, our loving staff focuses on socializing your dog, nurturing their confidence like nowhere else can. During the night, it’s movie time in our Pawjama-like setting, allowing dogs to freely roam with comfortable dog beds and couches scattered throughout the facility. Our objective is that when you pick up your dog, they’ll be a happier, more social, and confident companion.

Our guiding principle is that cage-free boarding equals stress-free boarding. We firmly reject the notion of confining your cherished companion to a cage while pretending it’s a luxurious cabin. We believe in showering our guests with the love and attention they deserve within a comforting and cage-free environment.

Avoid Kennel Stress Facilities

Escape the stress of conventional kennel facilities. Unlike most dog daycares that close their doors and leave at boarding time, resulting in anxious dogs left alone amidst their waste throughout the night, Happy Tails offers a refreshingly different approach.

Cages can trigger significant stress for dogs, particularly those unaccustomed to confinement. Regardless of whether it’s called a boxed cabin or a suite, it all translates to the same thing for a dog – a restricted space that evokes feelings of anxiety and isolation, especially in unfamiliar environments. Dogs are naturally inclined to explore and socialize, seeking interaction with people and fellow pets. However, cages inhibit these innate behaviors, preventing dogs from satisfying their curiosity and social needs. This confinement often results in “Kennel Stress,” typically evidenced by prolonged barking, causing discomfort for all the dogs on the premises. While barking is a normal means of communication for dogs, constant and disruptive barking can impact their overall well-being. It may signal perceived threats or calls for help. When kenneled dogs hear such sounds, their stress levels heighten. This can trigger a domino effect of barking, involving other dogs and sometimes persisting throughout the night, even leading to hoarseness. Excessive barking doesn’t only affect the barking dog; it creates a stressful environment, disrupting sleep for everyone.

At Happy Tails, we truly understand these dynamics. Our human presence exerts a calming influence, paving the way for our unique Pawjama Party experience. We’re here every day of the week, every day of the year, including holidays, to ensure your cherished pets are comfortable and at ease.

Welcom To Happy Tails PAWJAMA Party!

We’re dedicated to creating a joyful and fulfilling experience for your dog. Our belief in providing a safe, cage-free environment allows your furry friend to roam freely while enjoying social interactions with other dogs. Boarding at Happy Tails transforms into a slumber party for your dog, surrounded by its closest companions. From playful daytime activities to peaceful snoozing at night, our facility ensures your dog’s vacation is as enjoyable as your own, if not even more so!

At Happy Tails, our boarding service extends the comforts of home and beyond. We consider it an extension of our off-leash daycare. After a day brimming with activities, followed by a private meal and evening playtime in the yard, our canine guests have the freedom to explore and then settle down on comfortable beds, couches, and blankets. Safety and supervision are our top priorities, ensuring your dog’s well-being around the clock.

For those seeking extra privacy, we offer a private VIP room at no additional cost. While we are genuinely crate-free, we also have crates available upon request.

Rest assured, your beloved dog will be in capable hands – safe, loved, and treated as one of our own. Our overnight boarding rates encompass doggy daycare without any extra charges. And when you come back to pick up your happy pet, you’ll receive a report card outlining all the delightful activities your furry companion enjoyed during their stay.

If it's your first visit to Happy Tails with your dog, we kindly require at least a half-day of daycare. This is essential for us to conduct a temperament test, ensuring that your dog is comfortable and has a positive experience. It also helps your furry friend acclimate to the environment, so they don't feel abandoned and can grow to enjoy their time here, knowing you'll be returning for them.

For all clients, both new and returning, planning ahead is essential. We ask that you make prior reservations for boarding to ensure we can provide the best care for your beloved pets. Your pet's well-being and comfort are our top priorities.