*Policy Manual



Happy Tails where happy dogs go.

Your dogs home away from home.

We want to be sure your dog’s daycare stay is pleasant for all.

In order to maintain expectations,  we have created a manual to outline our policies


At Happy Tails, the health and safety of the dogs is our top priority. All dogs are carefully screened to ensure that they meet the following health and personality requirements:

All dogs over seven months old must be neutered/spayed

Dogs cannot show aggressive tendencies, nor be overly fearful

Proof that your dog is current for these vaccinations prior to bringing them into our facility:

* 1)Rabies 2)Distemper 3)Bordetella (Kennel Cough)

No daycare while your dog recovers from any illness or injury.

Late Pick-Ups: We ask that you pickup your dog by close, which is promptly 6:30 Late fee applied to dogs picked up after closing. Your charge for the day would be the amount of daycare plus the late fee of 15 dollars From 7:00-7:30 then 7:30-8:00 $20 After 8:00 $30

8:30 goes into boarding.

We will try our hardest work with the Boston commuters.

Leashes: All dogs must be leashed when entering and exiting Happy Tails. The daycare is on a busy street with lots of traffic. Please be safe and leash your dog!


We ask that owners use a flat web nylon or leather leash with a snap that attaches to your dogs collar. We do not allow retractable leashes on the premises as they cause rope burns, cuts, and lacerations to staff and dogs.

Collars: All dogs must wear a flat nylon collar with a snap type closure/ We prefer that customers purchase a cheap nylon collar and then write your dog’s first and last name in black sharpie on the cheap collar. This is a great way to have a durable collar with no tags for daycare. This will also enable us to learn your dog’s name more quickly and to be able to distinguish dogs that look a  lot alike from each other immediately.

Accessories: We realize that owners like to dress up their dogs with sweaters and scarves, flowers in their hair, bows on collars, etc. Please help us speed up customer wait times by removing all accessories including flea and tick collars, e-collars, bark collars, gps tracking devices, etc, before you bring your dog to daycare.


Reservations are not required for daycare. You may drop your dog off anytime during our normal business hours.


The open concept of natural daylight adds to the home-away-from-home feeling with couches, cots, and flat screen TVs playing Dog TV, making your dog feel at Home.

Our Facility encompasses:

o Close to 15,000 square feet of indoor / outdoor play areas.

o A premier open concept for your dogs’ viewing.

o Luxurious climate-controlled pet accommodations.

o Access to a variety of activities, as well as pampering services.

o Advanced security system, and 24-hour camera surveillance.

o Flat-Screen TVs playing Dog TV

o Free access for our customers of 24/7 webcam monitoring


Are all Dog Daycares the same???

Because you are a responsible dog lover, you should be aware that some doggie daycare companies, kennels and boarding facilities operate without proper education or written policies regarding safe group play. Many times dogs are simply put into cages for many hours in rooms you’re not allowed to view, sometimes left alone to sleep all day or in a yard with unfamiliar dogs.

At Happy Tails we share your concerns and built our facility with the parents in mind. It’s about the safety and health of your dog in an open concept built for safe play and agility.  All dogs are assessed for temperament and play style to be sure he/she is in the right group. They will be monitored at all times by qualified and fun-loving staff, but most of all caring staff who love dogs as much as you do.